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Internet 2.0 Glossary 23 février 2006

Par Thierry Klein dans : Posts in english.
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“One to one” : Initially a hazy marketing theory, it quickly became the quickest and most efficient way to steal money from the Venture Capitalists before year 2000.

“One-two-one” : See Kamasutra, page 173

One to many” : Jeff Jarvis’ blog.

“One to zero” : Any other blog - See : There are more blog authors than readers (in french).

“0 to many” : Google News.

“Anything to many” : Wikipedia

“Many to 0″ : Former Vivendi portal (Vizzavi)

“Many to many” : eBay.

“Web 2.0″ : 2006 “One to one” new release.

“W 2000″ : (Windows 2000). 1988 Mac OS, Light version.

“2:00″ : Time this glossary has been written at, which unfortunately may not be an acceptable excuse for its poor content.

Note: I have translated this from french “by popular demand”. Any english-speaking reader who wants to improve the style of the translation - or provide examples/links better adapted to the english-speaking world - is more than welcome.

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1. free - 22 avril 2006

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no no, great translation ! thanks ;)